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A.N.A   American Noise Artists versus Japanese Noise Artists   7" (1992, SA-11)
The title says it all. Two sides of noise; one created by a group of Americans whose names I don't recognize and the other by members of Hijokaidan and Merzbow. Not to offend the Buy American crowd or anything, but the Japanese side kicks serious butt. Noise scene insiders will love the song titles "I wish I were Ron Lessard so I could suck Masami's cock" and "I wish I were David Hopkins so I coud suck Jojo's cock." (Stomach Ache Records, PO Box 1776, Amoskeag, NH 08064)

BAD LIVERS   "Lust For Life"   b/w   "Jeffro's Dream"   7" (1991, PUP 001)
Bluegrass banjo players amped on speed decide to cover the Iggy Pop classic "Lust For Life." Well done, but I can imagine a whole album of it would be annoying. Maybe that's why they released this as a single. (Fistpuppet Records)

CHIA PET   "Hey Baby"   b/w   "Lunch"   7" (1992, KOKO 4)
While there is some hype surrounding this Sassy magazine-associated band, I am not ashamed of loving the A-side with its sarcastic chorus ("Hey Baby, Hey Baby, You look so good") and catchy violin and guitar riffs. Lovingly produced and engineered by Kramer. (Kokopop, 33 34th Street, 6th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11232)

CIRCUS LUPUS/TRENCHMOUTH   "Heathen"   b/w   "Sea of Serenity (Swing Version)"   split 7" (1993, Dischord No. 75.5/Skene! #22)
Trenchmouth swings some jazz-influenced punk rock with "Sea of Serenity." Angry vocals, boss drumming, and weird theremin-like whistling make for one excellent song. Looking forward to finding more music from these folks. Circus Lupus belt out a pretty good angst-ridden hunk o' noise. (Dischord Records, 3819 Beecher St. NW, Washington DC 20007/Skene! PO Box 4522, St. Paul, MN 55104)

DOG FACED HERMANS / JONESTOWN   "Peace Warriors"   b/w   "Hoax"   7" (1992, Compulsiv CPS002)
While the Dog Faced Hermans version of Ornette Coleman's "Peace Warrior" from their Hum of Life album is great, the live version on this single is absolutely fucking incredible. The energy of the live performance and the additional horns played by guests The Honkies take this version up and over the top. Go out and buy this now. While overshadowed by the Hermans, the B-side by Jonestown is quite good with their hard driving, big drum song. (Compulsiv Music, P.O. Box 15188, Philadelphia, PA 19130)

D.Q.E   "Masturbation Made a Mess Out of Me"   b/w   "Rain"   7" (1992, FGAO #994)
"Masturbation Made a Mess Out of Me" is a fun, raucous country-tinged song by the duo of Grace Braun and Chris Verene who used to be able to call themselves the Dairy Queen Experience. The flip side is a slow psychedelic jam. A great find. Search it out. (Feel Good All Over, PO Box 148428, Chicago, IL 60614)

THE GEROGERIGEGEGE   William Bennet Is My Dick   7" EP (1993, SA-14)
This duo from Japan release music in a variety of styles. When they do noise, they do it well. This single has noise segueing into and out of recorded song bits. Two songs I recognized were Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion" and something by Bow Wow Wow. Play it on the radio and listeners will think you are a professional mix master. [ed. note: see issue #8 of Bananafish magazine for the REAL scoop on this single] (Stomach Ache Records, PO Box 1776, Amoskeag, NH 08064)

LANCE KAUFMAN   "They Dug Up Elvis"   b/w   "Peaceful Amazon Village"   (Dionysus 7")
The National Enquirer makes it to vinyl on this grungy garage single. The addition of a sax and the occasional Elvis-style "hubba hubba" elevates the A-side song above the typical garage single. The B-side starts outs like a Martin Denny tribute and gets increasingly cacophonous. A must for Throbbing Gristle fans who appreciate TG's Denny fixation...

LEGENDARY LUNCH/KINGS OF FEEDBACK   "Zero Sum"   b/w   "I Don't Give A Bleep"   7" (1992, RAT-006)
I bought this rec for the anti-censorship song but find myself playing the Legendary Lunch track much more frequently. "Zero Sum" is a fast melodic punk tune in a late-70s style with short blasts of feedback. I can make out the lyrics, so that means it isn't hardcore (smirk). Cool stuff. (Ratfish Records, PO Box 1869, Cambridge, MA 02238)

MERZBOW   Nil Vagina For Mice   7" (1993)
Dynamic, pulsing static noise from Mr. 'Prolific' Masami Akita. Noise on 7" vinyl is torturous, like only being allowed one piece of sushi. Playing it at 33 buys a little more time, but not enough. (Banned Production, PO Box 323, Fremont, CA 94537, USA)

NOFX   "Liza and Louise"   b/w   "The Fastest Longest Line"   7" (1993, FAT505)
These guys tell the story of Liza and her lesbian awakening in a lively, entertaining punk song. With lyrics like "I'll never forget the first time you kissed me, Now I want you to fist me," you know this is sensitive stuff. Besides it has backup harmonies that make me think of Lenny and Squiggy. (Fat Wreck Chords, P.O. Box 460144, San Francisco, CA 946146)

PANSY DIVISION   "Bill & Ted's Homosexual Adventure"   b/w   "Big Bottom"   7" (1993, Outpunk 006)
Another fun record from those bad boys of queer punk. The B-side is a hysterical remake of the Spinal Tap anthem "Big bottom. Talk about buncakes, my guy's got em...how could I leave this behind?" The porno picture sleeve with boy-boy 69 pretty much guarantees you won't find it at your local mall music store or corner 7-11. If you like this single, check out their full length LP on Lookout! Records. (Outpunk, P.O. Box 170501, San Francisco, CA 94117-0501)

PARASITES   "Letdown"   b/w   "Reason For Treason"   7" (1993, SHRED 19)
The A-side is a melodic tale of lost love, with Kurt Bloch (Fastbacks & Young Fresh Fellows) guesting on lead guitar. While a good song, you must buy this single for the awesome B-side, a frenetic cover of the early 80's classic by The Law. Noisy, raw, and seemingly out of control - all the makings of a great punk song. (Shredder Records, 75 Plum Tree Lane #3, San Rafael, CA 94109)

SCHLONG   Tumours   7" EP (1993, Bun Length Records, BL1)
Is it possible to fit the entire Fleetwood Mac album Rumours onto one seven-inch piece of vinyl? If you play them at a hardcore pace and are able to convince a male friend to dress like Stevie Nicks for the cover photo, then the answer is yes. "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow...You can go your own way." Punk rock lyrics fur sure. (PO Box 35916, Los Angeles, CA 90036)

SEAM   "Days of Thunder"   b/w   "Grain"   "Which Way to Go" (Homestead HMS157-7")
When I first bought this, I had never heard of this trio from North Carolina, but I like their style of swirly (oh no, not THAT word again) guitar pop. What most impressed me was their cover of the Big Boys tune "Which Way To Go," a fast paced Husker Du-style punk tale of confusion. Seam slows it down considerably and replaces the male angst with some beautiful female vocals. The other tunes are more rockin' but not nearly as interesting.

ZU ZU'S PETALS   "Babblin' Mules"   b/w   "Shipwrecked"   7" (Susstones IMS 547)
An all-women rock trio from Madison, Wisconsin. Their vocals remind me of Frightwig, but are not as musically harsh. Likewise, their lyrics are just as angry but are tempered by solid song writing. Strong enough for punks AND pacifists. Excellent!

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