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You Are Not Alone

Dear Mr. Rizzi,

I have exciting news for you and fellow Rizzis! As you may already know, extensive work has been done throughout the world on a project relating to our Rizzi family name. Now our new book, "THE WORLD BOOK OF RIZZIS," is about to be published and it includes individual Rizzis who immigrated to the New World between the 16th and early 20th centuries.

The first Rizzi we found came to Mississippi in 1859. His name was Joseph. Like thousands of others, he sought a better life for himself in this land of opportunity. In addition to information about Joseph and these other early Rizzi settlers, you'll also be provided with an international directory of virtually every Rizzi household (with address). You, Michael Rizzi, are listed in this section of the book.

This has been an enormous project! There are now over 905 households bearing the Rizzi name in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It has been our goal to locate as many Rizzis as possible. [ed. note: too bad you didn't check Italy, idiot! ]

To my knowledge, this remarkable collection of valuable information is available only in "THE WORLD BOOK OF RIZZIS." Please note, however, that this First Edition is expected to be the only printing of the Rizzi book, ever. To reserve your copy(s), you must order right away.

Martin J. Rizzi, 3687 Ira Road, Bath, OH 44210 (216)945-8200

You Have Options

Dear Reader,

I know from our files that you've received OPTION in the recent past. Forgive me if I'm incorrect, but our records indicate that you're not now a subscriber. I'm sorry if we've been remiss in things like reminding you to renew your subscription.

As usual, recent issues of OPTION have covered dozens of worthy musicians who can't seem to get covered elsewhere, and we've run hundreds of reviews in our new reader-friendly review section -- featuring larger type! OPTION also has a new, more affordable, advertising section designed to allow for a greater amount of information of special interest to the readers. It should be of use to anyone in the business who's seeking music-related services.

And best of all: a subscription to OPTION is itself a real money-saver. By subscribing, you'll find savings of up to 33% off the newsstand price! Please don't hesitate to return the enclosed form today, along with your payment, in the postpaid envelope provided.

Scott Becker, Publisher, OPTION

Music is a Goldmine

Dear music collector,
There's a difference between those who "buy" music and those who "collect" music. The first group relies on the video channel and Top 40 radio to influence their taste, then make their purchases at the chain/discount store. The other group is interested in a wide variety of musicians and musical genres from the past and present. In other words, KNOWLEDGEABLE MUSIC FANS.

If you're part of the latter group, GOLDMINE is a magazine you should be reading. Artists scheduled for coverage in '93 include Barbara Streisand, Woody Guthrie, Sting and the Police, Chick Corea, and Poco. Although this is a pretty eclectic group, GOLDMINE's coverage is sure to be accurate, concise and current. Subscribe to GOLDMINE for less than a buck an issue, and you'll get the music collecting hobby's #1 source of information, reviews, and rare collectible vinyl, CDs, and memorabilia - from ABBA to Zappa, Elvis Presley to Elvis Costello, and Sinatra to the Stones. Send in your order today with the enclosed card and postage-paid envelope.

Your fellow music collector,
Greg Loescher, Publisher, GOLDMINE

Jazz Is Cheap

Dear Friend of Jazz:

To acquaint you with Jazz Heritage's musical fare and recording program, we'd like to send you an outstanding recording that has captivated thousands of Americans FOR ONLY $1.00! To receive this hot album, simply mail the enclosed REQUEST CARD and $1.00 in the envelope provided. Within a short time you'll receive the selection 'The Legendary Lionel Hampton & Friends.'

Rarely in life do you encounter what you might refer to as a "sure thing." However, this offer for just $1 is truly one of those "can't lose" situations. Complete and mail the enclosed Request Card now. Then discover just how far $1 still goes.

Yours for great jazz,
Robert Nissim, Executive Vice President, Jazz Heritage, 1710 Highway 35, Ocean, NJ 07712

Spin On This

Dear Loyal SPIN Reader:

Avoid that fateful day when SPIN doesn't arrive in the mail...


You go along for months, relishing the record reviews, poring over the profiles and personalities, feeding on film critiques, steeping yourself in the best available coverage of the world of rock'n'roll: the people, the events, the fads, the fashions, and the fun. (Not to mention some of the best investigative journalism in the business.)

Then one month...wham! Out of the blue, suddenly SPIN isn't there, and you're left high and dry! It can happen -- and it isn't pleasant!

You're nearing the end of your current SPIN subscription, and we haven't received your renewal instructions. With just an issue or two to go in your current subscription, you're risking being left out in the cold!

Here's how to head-off that grim possibility. RENEW NOW. The renewal form is enclosed. The return envelope is supplied.

And the return postage is paid. Could we make it any easier? I think not!

Brendan E. Amyot, Director of Circulation

Your Last Chance


Your last issue of SPIN, that is.

There's still time -- barely -- to avoid an interruption in service! But to do so, you must detach and return the coupon below right away.


It's hard to believe that anyone would willingly give up access to the information and insights that SPIN has to offer.

Let's face it. A monthly issue of SPIN opens doors to the world of rock music. New musicians. New styles. New attitudes. New thinking.

SPIN is the voice of a generation -- yours. A no-holds-barred cultural handbook that also brings you reviews, critiques, profiles, investigative reports, and much, much more.

  • Don't let it end!
  • Don't let this be your last issue!
  • Don't pass up this opportunity to keep SPIN coming!

    Grovel Grovel Grovel

    Dear Valued SPIN Subscriber,

    We hate being alarmists, but...You've been sent your last issue of SPIN magazine.

    Although we've written you several times about renewing, the fact is we haven't heard from you, and your subscription has, unfortunately, expired.

    The good news.

    In spite of everything, it isn't too late to set things right. The enclosed form details how you can still take advantage of a one-year renewal offer that's 65% off what SPIN costs on the newsstand.

    But unless we hear from you now, the newsstand is exactly where you'll be picking up your next issue of SPIN!

    There's truly no time to waste. Take care of it today -- return your renewal savings form to us at once.

    Brendan E. Amyot, Circulation Director

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