number 1                 fall 1993

po box 11124
oakland, ca 94611-1124

publisher and whip cracker
michael rizzi

editor and chef
mike burma

assistant editrix
tania gonzalez

cover art
kevin rutherford

gail butensky
malcolm humes
lorelei dot
paul kim
michelle handelman
loren rhoads

helpful folks and inspirations
lawrence kay, ruth kraiman, andy neuschatz, fred cabral, seymour glass, mason jones, alisa schulman, loren, ian, lawrence livermore, ms. nudo, steve sager, calvin, File 13, Forced Exposure, carol trese, chas, and KALX 90.7 FM Berkeley, California

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Boredoms Interview
John Zorn Interview
(also check out WNUR John Zorn page )
Jim O'Rourke Interview
Lily Braindrop Interview
Let's Trip San Francisco: Part I
Radio, Rebellion and Music
Ruins Interview
Animal Snuff Films
Album Reviews
Singles Reviews
Paper Reviews
Public Service: Censorship

Dissonance. The sloppy angst of punk. The skronk of free jazz. The pig squeal of industrial noise. The forceful bombast of classical. The random clanking of experimental bands. The racket created by writers and artists. Dissonance in many forms. Dissonance in all its glory. That's the theme of browbeat.

While attending the International Pop Underground Festival in Olympia, Washington, I got infected with the do-it-yourself bug. I met people from all over the country who were starting bands, putting out zines, and writing poetry. Folks taking it upon themselves to release their material, the way they want, on their own terms. The raw, honest, and personal zines, like Bikini Kill and Cometbus, that were sold and traded amazed me. I left Olympia wanting to learn an instrument, start a band, open a club, create a zine, and start a record label. Phew!

I am a media junkie and especially a music fiend. The fun part, and the frustrating part, of being a media junkie is trying to find the good stuff among the steaming piles of crap. Being a bit obsessive, I spend tons of time looking for the ever-elusive neat thing to read, hear, and see. I also get off turning friends onto all this stuff. So I figured -- why not take the next step, and share these discoveries with complete and total strangers? A new level of exhibitionist masturbation, and legal too!

Well, it's been a long time since the Pop Festival but I've finally put together my first zine. What has always bugged me about the mainstream 'alternative' magazines is that they are so corporate-oriented. They would only review new releases or interview bands that would be touring soon. Some would even go so far as using press release descriptions in their 'reviews.' In the pages of browbeat, you will find reviews and interviews of whatever turns us on right now, no matter how old or new it is.

In this premier issue you will find interviews with some bands from Japan, a prolific guy from New York, and a sex worker. We have part one of a series on Tripping in San Francisco, a review of some animal snuff films, and gobs of pointless reviews. We even have an anti-censorship page in the public service section.

Thanks for the letters, keep em coming.

- mike burma