Issue 2 Contents List


88 pages of meat, potatoes and pesto lovingly covered in a natural matte paper adorned with a beat-era drawing by Robbie Busch.

Interviews with:

  • Haino Keiji (check out the Unofficial Keiji Haino Homepage)
  • Diamanda Galas (check out her fan page )
  • Ennio Morricone interviewed by John Zorn (info fiends will enjoy Darren Dalglish's Ennio pages)
  • Omoide Hatoba
  • Dog Faced Hermans
    (final interview on the eve of their breakup...yeah, it's our fault)
  • Lou Reed (circa 1975, on Metal Machine Music)
  • Diane DiMassa -creator of comic Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist

Articles about:

  • Voice Crack
  • Killed By Death punk bootleg compilation series
  • Mortuary Tours
  • Musee Mecanique and Camera Obscura
  • more Record Reviews than any sane person would actually read
Along with collage art, cracked comics, a couple of short stories, and a puzzling contest with a fun prize (or two).

The contents of this issue will be published here on the web once issue #3 hits the newsstands (Lord knows when that'll be...heh).

Why wait, buy one now and be able to leave a copy in your bathroom. Wanna buy one? Say YES.

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