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You can contact us via the fast, friendly and courteous postal system at

PO Box 11124
Oakland, CA 94611-1124

or using the superfast, faceless, inhumane and cruel electronic mailsystem of the Internet:

Issue 1
With only a 20 copies remaining, we are committed to Eyeball Gouging PricingTM and are now selling this issue for $5 US, $6 Canada, $7 Europe, and $8 elsewhere.

Issue 2
Come and get 'em while they are still hot off the waffle iron. This golden baby costs $4 US, $5 Canada, $6 Europe, and $7 elsewhere.

Money, moolah, denaro, ducats
Well concealed cash or money order payable to M. Rizzi only (My bank doesn't let me cash checks made out to browbeat). Please send that hard earned money to the anonymous post office box address above. When corresponding, let us where you heard about browbeat. We love to find out how the good word gets spread, and our egos can always use a good stroke.

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Submissions must be accompanied by a SASE for returns/replies.

browbeat can also be purchased from the following cigar-chomping capitalist middlemen:

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