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The John Zorn Radio Hour CD Contest

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Here are the answers from the two crossword puzzles that appeared in browbeat #2. Out of all the entries we received, 6 had the correct answer. Unfortunately, we only had one copy of "The John Zorn Radio Hour" CD to give away and that went to the first correct entry which was submitted by Steve K. from New York City. I'm trying to dig up a nice consolation prize for the other 5 correct contestants. Stay tuned.

Several contestants noted I made a mistake with 1 ACROSS on the second puzzle, that the correct spelling was Leng Tch'e. Apologies all around (I could have sworn I doubled checked it. Sigh.).

Also, there appears to be two spellings for the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. I used the two letter spelling (HE) found in my dictionary, though I understand that it can also be spelled HEI.

Thanks to everyone for playing. I hope you had fun and learned a few things along the way (God, I sound like a grammar school teacher). I know I did, especially in trying to create a puzzle that was challenging but not too hard. I learned that it was much more difficult than expected and I now have a newfound respect for those folks that create the crossword puzzle in the Times everyday.

- mike burma

Puzzle Number 1

1. Japanese comics.   MANGA
3. A serious lyric or poem.   ODE
6. Kurasawa film that inspired A Fistful Of Dollars.   YOJIMBO
8. Ancient site of mass Jewish suicide.   MASADA
9. Show ____ : an Osaka under-ground music zine.   KAI
10. Self-reliant punk ethos.   DIY (do it yourself)
12. Voice of Mike Hammer on Spillane.   LURIE
13. Last ____, the Laswell, Brotzmann, Sharrock and Jackson quartet.   EXIT

1. ____ Akita: in Japan more well known for his writings on bondage than for his noise project.   MASAMI
2. Sticky Sonic Youth album title.   GOO
4. Instrumental form of reggae.   DUB
5. Denaro italiano.   LIRA
6. Boredoms drummer.   YOSHIMI
7. Japanese word for memory.   OMOIDE
9. Turkish minority.   KURD
11. Fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet..   HE
(though it is also spelled HEI)

Puzzle Number 2

1. Chinese execution involving slowly cutting away body parts.   LENG CHE
(I fucked up this one, the correct spelling is LENG TCH'E)

6. Pain killer harris.   MICK
7. Mystic _____ Orchestra .   FUGU
9. Scottish slang for "completely wild".   RADGE
10. Evil form of capitalist promotion.   AD
11. New Zealander.   KIWI
12. A distinctive doctrine, system, or theory; also an obscure punk band.   ISM
14. _____ Glass, former Bananafish editor.   SEYMOUR

2. 50's noir film directed by Jules Dassin.   NAKED CITY
3. Favorite drink of a hotheaded Italian.   COFFEE
4. Similar to B & D.   SM
5. ___ Feng: favorite actress of legendary director King Hu.   XU
8. Kristallnacht was a night of breaking _____.   GLASS
9. Bass / drum duo from Tokyo.   RUINS
12. A promise to pay a debt.   IOU
13. Abbreviation for a criminal's method of working.   M.O.
(modus operandi)

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